Why Television Size Matters

People often think that bigger is always better; however, this is not always true. There are several factors you should take into account when shopping for a new TV, such as your room size. In this article I will offer you valuable insights into how to buy the right size of TV.

The arrival of better TV technologies, including Xiaomi, Sony, LG, and Samsung among other models, has fueled the entertainment sector, increasing the demand for better television screens. Buying a new TV can be an overwhelming task. Even if you are a very careful shopper, you can be confused when shopping for a television given large number of TV brands and retailers available, and advise from salespeople and information available on the Internet to mention a few.

Screen size and quality are of prime importance for every person looking to buy new TV.  Remember, bigger is not always better when it comes to screen size. What screen size should you opt for depends largely on the room where you want to place the TV.

If you want to place your new TV in a bedroom, 32 inches is best for it. If you plan to put it in the living room, go for 50 inches. The larger the room size, the larger should be the screen size. Remember, a larger screen is not good for a smaller room and a smaller screen is not recommended for a larger room. Your room size and TV screen size should always be in harmony.

Screen size also depends on your budget. If your room size is large and you can afford a 60 inches TV screen, go for it. Screen size also depends highly on the viewing distance. Read on to know the perfect screen size for your room.

TV and Installation Space

With the advancement in technologies, TVs now come with slim plastic edges or no plastic edges at all. This means that they can take less space as compared to old TV brands. In other words, a latest model of 46 inches LED screen is almost equal in size to a 40 inches LCD screen form some years back. So, now you can accommodate a large screen in your room if you were previously worried about the imbalance between the space and TV screen size. You can have good experience watching HDTVs on a large screen from a smaller distance than watching it on a small screen. Large screens provide better resolutions in this case, so the screen pixels wouldn’t distract you.

Going With the Trend

People no more want TV to be placed in the bedroom. The new trend is that the bedroom is for sleeping and taking rest, so there should be no distraction. For entertainment, people now prefer large screens in the living room where all family members can get together to watch TV.

This trend has partly been set by the arrival of larger, wider and technologically sophisticated TVs that can turn your living room into a home cinema. Lloyd are one stop online store with the trendiest TV models.


This guide would help you to buy TV judiciously. It is always a good idea to know the logics behind TV screen size before going out to buy a latest model. If you think 46 inches screen is better for your small room, think again.

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