Four Ways to Help Build Your Business Brand

Today, you often hear business people or famous athletes talk about building their brand, but you may not know what that entails. Branding a business makes it so it is easily recognisable to as many people as possible. This may involve using a particular logo, having a signature colour, or even a slogan that makes people connect it to your business.

Building a Brand

Branding involves many different elements and your brand should be reflected on everything from your business cards to your company’s website to the uniforms your employees wear. Branding requires consistency so it gets burned into people’s memory, and as soon as they see an image or experience good customer service, they will think of your company.

Selecting a Name

When you start building your brand, you will need to select a name for your business that reflects what it does. While you may want to call your business Karl Smith’s, Inc., when it is searched online, there may be thousands of Karl Smith’s, Inc., that appear on results pages without anything to distinguish one from another. However, if you call your company Karl Smith’s Plumbing, then people will begin to connect your name with what you do. They will start to recognise your brand.

Web Design

The design of your company’s website will either help or hinder your branding efforts. Along with being visually appealing, your business website should be arranged so it is easy to navigate between web pages, and it should also function correctly. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to purchase something on a website only to have trouble navigating the payment page or find yourself being unable to complete a transaction. Hire a professional to design your website so it reflects well on your business.

Find Your Image or Logo

Many companies are easily associated with a logo or an image. For instance, everyone recognises the golden arches of a certain fast food business or the koala bear of a certain airline, and that is what you want for your company. You may wish to hire a graphic designer to help you come up with a logo for your business or you can use an image for your brand as well. Use this logo or image on everything from your website to your letterhead to the signage on your company’s vehicles.

More Than a Saying

A slogan or tagline can be easily associated with your business as well, but it should be short and simple. If it is too long or complicated, people will not remember it and your efforts will be wasted. Try to communicate what you do in your tagline to make it easier to associate the tagline or slogan with your business. As you would your logo or image, use your slogan or tagline on all of your company’s print media, your website and in the profiles of your social media accounts.

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