Top 5 Applications for Smartphone Privacy Protection

Most of the smartphones, we have held the greatest secrets held close to heart. The biggest chances are that as a smartphone owner, you may not have been able to do enough as to protect all those secrets that are in your smartphone from theft or from getting lost. This isn’t very smart and it is time to take the necessary steps so as to really make your smartphone as secure and private as you would like it to be. There is a lot that can be done to this end.

The best news is that there are certain apps that have been created so as to help in the tracking of your phone in case it is lost and also secure the data that is within. There are yet other apps that can really protect the privacy of your smartphone. Some of the apps are very powerful and they can be used so as to meet the set security regulations which can be very strict.

Hackers are all over the place and the greatest targets they have are financial information as well as the personal information. Today, the smartphone is used in so many ways and there are those who conduct their financial transactions online on their smartphones where they use things such as passwords and PINs.   People are also using their smartphones from banking to social networking. This is something that makes your smartphone a very big target for the hackers. If you are not careful, this kind of information can fall in the wrong hands and it can cause you great loss eventually. There are many programs that can assist with safety and knowing them is the only guarantee that you will be safe.

There is some amazing app that can help to keep the gadgets secret and safe at all times. Doing a little bit of research on the apps can be really helpful as it will mean that you will end up with the best available in the market.

Privacy Protection

The top 5 apps include:

1.Leo Privacy Guard

This is one of the most trusted apps for privacy in smartphones and it keeps you safe from all sorts of prying eyes as well as snoopers. With this app, you can sigh in relief as you will have nothing to worry about anymore; no one will be able to see your call log or SMS when you leave the phone unattended. No one can access your FB account or your gallery without consent. Private image as well as images can also be kept private with this app.

With Leo guard, you can lock all your apps by only one click and you can also change into many modes at the same time. There are so many ways in which you can cover the apps, and guard on the phone. This is an app that keeps your privacy protected and you receive privacy alerts about the safety of the phone. All other private info is kept out of reach.

This app also aids in the app management. This is the app that can help in the uninstallation of the apps that you do not need and the backup of the ones that are really important to you. You can also control the battery usage as well as the data plan in a very easy way.

The app has an amazing design and the user interface is very simple, intuitive and handy. The lock screen is decorated with some of the most stylish themes ever. Everything that you may need is within easy reach which makes everything so convenient for smartphone users.

2. Lookout

This is an app which is a free anti-virus. It is also an app that protects your phone as it is anti-spyware which is a great addition to your smart phone. This app is amazing as it can prove to be very helpful in the event that your smartphone is misplaced or even lost.

This app also allows the backing up of the contact data. You can use it to find your smartphone if it is lost by using its GPS location. This is an app that can wipe your phone clean remotely, which is a great advantage. It can also back up the call history as well as photos so that you never lose them.

3. Avast! SecureLine VPN

This is one of the best companies when it comes to anti-virus on the PCs. It can now be used to protect your smartphone. It is an app that can protect lots of intrusions and viruses. The best part is that this is given at no cost at all.

This app will usually give you privacy reports, call filtering, SMS filtering, a firewall as well as anti-spyware all wrapped in one. Theft protection is also offered where it can disguise itself. It can also establish a convenient list of the trusted SIM cards and also allow remote settings changes.

4. LastPass

One of the best defenses that you can have up against hackers is the presence of a very strong password. The strongest passwords use very unique as well as random numbers, characters and letters. Using a long password is always a great idea. You should never use a single password for many accounts.

But the issue with long passwords is the fact that remembering all of them can be a big issue. Last pass comes in here. This is the app that stores all the passwords that you have all across all your devices. This only means that the only password that you will need to remember is the LastPass password.

5. TigerText

This is yet another amazing app for smartphones, which can encrypt messages. It is targeted towards enterprise users who want the employees to be able to conduct business over the phones, but still be able to protect data and also meet all regulations. This app can turn a phone to a pager which can comply with things like healthcare privacy rules, making it a great rook for insurance, hospital and for doctors. It works well with all smartphones.


Regardless of who you are, as long as you own a smartphone, you need to consider how secure your information really is. You should always strive to give it your very best at all times as this can mean great savings and convenience on your part.

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