LG G7 having a latest processor might beat Galaxy S8

The company LG never gave up and continued to launch its flagships whether they are liked by people or not. LG G2 became popular with its Full HD screen, then G3 with QHD display, autofocus, after this, the LG G4 had also got the fame whole over the world with its leather cover. Then another beast came, the LG G5 smartphone, having a trendy Dual camera and interchangeable module. This year, LG G6 has also received a tremendous success with its brilliant features like Dolby Vision and stunning appearance. For the next year, in 2018, LG is also planning to launch its next G series flagship, LG G7, in January 2018. The rumor suggests that the company will also introduce a plus version of G7, i.e. LG G7+ just the way Samsung will introduce two versions, a standard and a plus – Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

 LG G6 has a little difference in appearance which is appreciable. Unlike most flagship models on the market, the front panel protecting the glass (Gorilla Glass 3) here is completely flat, without sloping “2.5D” edges. As it seems to me, this was done for the sake of greater resistance to cracking in the fall. The back is also Gorilla Glass, but the fifth version: it is somewhat softer, tactile generally resembles plastic, because of this quicker small scratches are collected, but it is more difficult to break it. LG is talking about the certification of a smartphone based on the US military standard MIL-STD 810G (which means, or rather, what does NOT mean – we explain this link). According to an Investor, we may use a highly protected and solid device LG G7, which will neither get cracks if somehow slips out of our hand nor be damaged by coming in contact with water, dust, and high temperatures.

Flagship system-on-chip Qualcomm 2017 – Snapdragon 835 – LG G6 did not get. The laws of business are harsh: those who bake cakes, they also eat them first. Instead, the smartphone is built on the second-half of 2016, the 4-core 2.35-gigahertz Snapdragon 821. The same chip is used, for example, in smartphones Google Pixel. LG, thus, was the last of the major manufacturers to produce a flagship smartphone on Snapdragon 821. According to the Korean reports, LG will introduce the latest processor in its LG G7 flagship – The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC powered by 7nm chipset, the processor which is also going to use by Samsung Company for its upcoming champ Galaxy S9. Moreover, the Adreno 630 GPU will increase the performance of LG G7 during gaming or in other tasks.

 The other characteristics are uniquely in LG G6 flagship: 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, two SIM cards or one SIM and microSD. Problems with performance will not be even in the most demanding games, not to mention the usual applications. Of the advanced features of Snapdragon 835, which will not get to the owners of the LG G6, it’s really worth it to regret Bluetooth 5.0. With it, the sound is transmitted without wires, more qualitatively, and, if desired, directly to two devices. The upcoming champ LG G7 is rumored to be sport with 6/8GB RAM and internal memory of 32/64GB RAM, the Bluetooth version would be 5.2 and will be blessed with a non-removable Li-Ion 3800mAh battery capacity.


Google Pixel will have successors. The two smartphones made in Google may not be available in few countries, the firm of Moutain View is already working on its successor. Nothing surprising to this since phones are experiencing a popular success over the Atlantic and Google is facing stock problems. The “Taimen” device appeared on Geekbench (details).

Google Pixel 2: code-named Walleye, Muskie and Taimen

Walleye and Muskie are the code names of future Google Pixels but another name is (re) appeared: Taimen. For the curious, know that Muskie is a muskie (pike of North America), Walleye is a walleye, so we can think that Muskie will be the future Pixel XL since it is the biggest fish. Taimen Refers to the eponymous fish originating from Eastern Europe and more precisely from Siberia. Remember that the Taimen had already made mention of him, especially for his screen that would be wider than the other two models, but at that time he did not seem to be a likely candidate for the Pixel family.

What do we know about Taimen? No concrete information at the moment but several rumors agitate Internet, one of them even claiming that the device is not a phone but a tablet, succeeding the pixel C. Pure speculation, of course, since it is possible that Taimen is simply a Phablet even bigger than Muskie. In any case, the rumors mention a huge screen so we can forget the idea of ​​a very small model that would compete with the iPhone SE.

Google Pixel 2: technical specifications

Not surprisingly, it is confirmed that the new Pixel models Google Pixel 2 will use the Snapdragon 835 processor. The latter is privileged by all manufacturers who do not create their own CPU, so it is logical to find it on the new flagships of Google.

This processor is one of the best in the market and besides better performance pure on the benchmarks that the common users will not see without performing benchmarks. Other elements such as antenna performance or autonomy have also been improved, which should bring real added value to the user.

We then find the processor. This is an octa-core Qualcomm processor running at 1.90 GHz. Is it the Snapdragon 835? Or is it a less upmarket model? The 4 GB RAM mentioned below makes us prefer the high-end assumption.

Google Pixel 2: release date

Fortunately, Google Assistant is expected to arrive by the end of the year. It is at this same period that the release of the new Pixel is expected, so we can expect to see a Pixel 2 available in the hexagon. Osterloh, confirmed that the Pixel will remain premium. In other words, it might arrive in October, but its price might frighten more than one.

Interesting Galaxy S9 Specs- inherited by S8

Galaxy S8 has been launched recently, receiving a positive feedback from the users. Now is the turn for Galaxy S9 to hit the market next year. The device S8 works equally smoothly both with the full display resolution and in Full HD mode, which is enabled by default. The difference in speed, if present, generally is not visible to the eye.

Performance and features

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8 received the same basic cell as the last year Galaxy S7 / S7 edge: Mn 12, f / 1.7, a sandwich of lenses. The company said it has improved processing algorithms, which usually means “change will be almost invisible,” but not in the case of the new Samsung flagship. The new flagship, releasing next year, would grant a 16MP+16MP dual lens camera with the 8MP front camera having a Dual colour UHD Flash light priding the user a charismatic camera with 30 new 3D frames.

Excellent speed – Galaxy S8 is one of the top-end devices, but Samsung has been surprised us in the question of heating in case of S8. Network battles of 40 minutes virtually heated the apparatus, it becomes lukewarm. Preheat the body was only radio modules in a long trip, which constantly come and go of connection, however, even in this situation, catch device is not necessary. Low heat ensures the stability of battery power under virtually any load. Samsung has been improved these shortcomings for upcoming Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 is going to launch next year with an excellent speed without getting warm too soon.

Battery Power

Samsung Galaxy S8 received a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, which provides a typical for the majority of the flagships of autonomy – about 5 hours of the active display at 20 hours of standby time. Load, as befits the typical machine were high: 30-minute video on YouTube, a 20-minute 3D-games, two clients of social networks and instant messenger with three constant correspondence and multiple push-notifications, four mailboxes, two dozen other useful programs. In contrary, Galaxy S9 achieved a battery power capacity of 4200mAh which helps in the long duration use of the phone. S9 will provide the user – about 8 hours of active display on the same time limit S8 provided. We can use the S9 device for late hours without getting a ‘low battery’ signal too sooner.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 connector was replaced with USB Type-C, there are new opportunities that the maximum unfold with dock DeX, but some pleasant moments can be seen without it, including when the machine is connected to another device, you can choose, charged from that or, on the contrary, give the power. Same, Samsung has applied to Galaxy S9.

Security and other features:

Iris scanner, which first appeared in the Samsung Note 7, has used in Galaxy S8. Recognition system works well, but there are occasional failures, especially in the face too bright or too dark lighting, but in 90% of cases it recognizes the owner. Galaxy S9 is expected to magnetize its customers with its high-sensor technology- Fingerprint unlock method provides a high security to the user with a higher version.

Galaxy S9 is completely ready to compete with my phones. All the improved and updated features and stunning display of Galaxy S9 will definitely win everyone’s heart, increasing its demand in the market.

How Can One Start Online Recharge Business

The coming up of new modern technologies is helping change the lifestyle of people and they have started becoming more tech- savvy. Online transactions and internet has brought a revolutionary change in people’s life. In fact, doing things online has spread its reach in almost all the spheres of life. Nowadays, the consumers have realized the power of online transactions and the hassle-free convenience of getting things done at their doorsteps. Online recharge business is one such form of online transaction whose usage has been increasing rapidly in the recent times.

Many online Recharge Company have made it possible for the customers to get their prepaid account recharged from the comfort of their homes. The whole procedure of online prepaid recharge is fully programmed and it allows the users in completing their online recharge through Debit Card or Net banking or Credit Card payments.  All the online recharging websites these days are highly secure for carrying online transactions. Furthermore, the process is very easy, convenient and hassle-free for all the customers.

Online recharging is a type of e-commerce which allows the customers to recharge their prepaid account online through the website of your telecom operator or through a third party online recharge website. The benefits which come along with the online recharge Company are the most popular among the people.

You will find that majority of the consumers go for online recharges to get an efficient and fast recharging experience. Online recharge comes with many advantages and is a much more convenient option than any other type of recharge. Online recharges can be done anytime, anywhere 24×7.

Steps to start your own online recharge business

Step 1: Register your Company:

The first and foremost Step for starting a Mobile Recharge Company is that you require a legal entity. You will find most of the recharge Portals that are registered under Private limited company but  then there are certain start-ups too that have lots of option for Registration in order to test their ideas in the recharge business.

Step 2: Prepare Legal Documentation:

One has to prepare Legal Documentation regarding their online recharge Company like the Refund Policy or Terms of Use of the website. One has to always see to the legal documentation of agreements that help in settling disputes.

Step 3: Book a Domain, Host and Web Developer

You can get domain and hosting from Website like Go daddy, Inmotion and various other Platforms. There are even third parties which provide you packages for your recharge websites.

Step 4: Book the Payment Gateway and API

For an all recharge Service Portal or Website whose Payment Gateway and API you want to integrate, you have to hire a Website Development Company which can arrange the API and other things.

This business opportunity works on a much better rate in developed countries about 7.8 times more. Online recharge business opportunity has a great potential in the future. RechargeInsta is one such online Recharge Company that provides its customers with All recharge Service.

Affordable mobile phone services

In this technology world, it is hard to find person without mobile phones. The usage mobile of phones was increased largely everyone is quite busy with their wireless phones. The introduction of advanced operating systems in mobile phones opened the gateway for the smart phones. These smart phones works in touch options, advanced applications were used to access enormous features. We can connect to entire world easily by having wireless phones on the hand. Internet connectivity supports lot of work with different new applications; we gather more information in the tech world by the use of internet services. Communication, purchase, e-services, social connections, news updated and more can be done in fraction of seconds.

Day by day the usage of wireless phones was increasing around all parts of the world. It could be better to have smart phones it gives lot of benefits while travelling to new places or while hiring any service. Through internet service we can hire any type of service to your door step by having mobile phones. User friendly options, increasing features, fast access and social connectivity are the boon for the success of mobiles in the world. Nowadays new phones are manufactured in different features that come in all price ranges. If wants one buy smartphones then purchase best model under your budget. Everyday new mobiles models are being introduced in popular brands some are getting more attention whereas few come in more failures.

Find a customer support for mobile service

 Though they are perfect in every operation some malfunctions may happen when its data capacity was full, bug errors, virus issues and software problems. Problems occurring in the mobile phones are common among so many operations and tool some of the errors will happen at some times. When your mobile reports error because of virus, storage issues, file transfer problems, connectivity and more then employ the help of mobile service companies who can fix all type of issues in the wireless phones easily.  Problems will occur when its physical surface or hardware is damaged because of fall down, water, touch sense, problems in buttons, audio and charging issues. They know to handle all these problems in smart way since they have resolved the errors for all brands easily by the support of technology.

Even battery replacement, hardware issues, charger replacement, liquid damage, unlocking the phone, camera errors, data connectivity, storage management, button malfunctions, broken screen, display malfunctions can be easily solved. They also serve other service such as file transfer from old devices, printing the pictures, data backup, video to DVD transfer,  phone unlock and secure wiping are done by them in comfort manner. If you are facing errors and issues in your mobile phones then approach the best phone repair company.  Wireless phone repair toronto are very popular in doing repair services and advanced solutions to your smart phones immediately. They know to unlock secured locks and create new locks for the phone very soon. When your mobile is not working properly book a service with them to restore all your important data without losing in low expense.


The floodgates of the Smartphone markets are showing no signs of closing or narrowing the flow of new smartphones in the market. The availability of so many options has raged a price war among the competing brands. The maximum benefit of such competition is reaped by the customers as the companies provide features that are aimed to convince the customers about the relative value for money they pay for the products. Lenovo launched the K3 Note, a 5.5” Screen phablet which is equipped with features that were considered to be the cream of the crop only two years ago. The features that mesmerised the users 2 years ago in the 30000+ category of products are now available with the K3 Note in the 10000 category of phones. Not only does this ensure value for money but also highlights the constantly changing dynamics of the smartphone markets in India.

The device is sold only through online stores and thus, physical examination of the same is difficult prior to the purchase of the phone. The brand value of Lenovo surely inspires trust for mobile devices but the modern day users prefer a touch and feel experience before considering placing the product in the shopping carts. However, the description and dedicated pages offered by the online stores for the K3 Note comprehensively make up for the absence of touch and feel elements. Prospective buyers can always search for the users of the device in peer groups and family for prior hands on experience. Lenovo K3 Note release date was in March 2015 where the phone was launched globally.



The K3 Note is packed in an attractive white box which contains description of the product at the back. The box is a sandwich design which is similar to many flagship phones in the market. It is highly recommended to check the 3D hologram placed at the front of the box to verify the genuineness of the product given the anti-social entry of knock offs in the market which creates doubt and apprehension in the minds of the customers and cause misconceptions against the product value of the company with sub-standard performances. Buying genuine products ensures good performance and after sales service at the customer care centres.

The box of the K3 Note contains the K3 Note with a back panel, 3000mAh battery, a quick start guide which includes the warranty card, charging adapter and a charging cable. Headphones are not a part of the package and need to be purchased separately. Keeping a tab on Lenovo K3 Note paytm offers can help the users secure a free headset along the device.


The Lenovo K3 Note price in India is INR 13000 with marginal differences on various online stores. The phone offers great features in the respective price range and is an owner’s delight if used ad managed with proper care.

The phone is categorised under the Sub 10k phones in India and tops the list as the best phone amongst the lot. The closest competitors do not even match half the specs of the Lenovo K3 Note.


Similar to other devices in the price range the K3 Note has a flat back flimsy plastic cover which is comparatively stronger than the flexible ones found on Samsung devices. The large size of the phone fits nicely in the hand but plastic back may cause slipping or grip irritation in sweaty or wet conditions. The back is accented by a 13mp camera which has a LED flash fixed next to it. The front view of the phone is slightly different from the other phones in the price range as it has a slightly raised lip ring to avoid screen damage no centre button.

The front features a near seamless end to end screen which is great for movie and gaming experience. There are 3 feather touch buttons below the screen which are very clumsily placed and do not have a backlit support. Thus, using the phone in dark conditions can be a gruesome experience.

The right side of the phone has the volume rocker as well as the power/lock button which could have been placed more ergonomically.

Left side of the phone is left blank with the neat brushed and anodised aluminium ring running along. The audio jack is at the top and charging slot is found at the bottom of the device.


The K3 Note features a 13mp rear camera with Image stabilization and Auto focus. The camera clarity is great and supersedes the performance of other devices. The night photography could have been better but still scores a bit above average. The colours captured by the camera were found to be a subdued. The camera supports Full HD video recording.

The front camera is a 5mp with a wide angle lens. The camera is great for capturing group selfies and has commendable clarity.

It is important to note that though the picture clicking experience of the phone is fun and seamless, the effect on battery consumption is massive. Thus, thinking before going on a spree of photo clicking is highly recommended.

The Lenovo K3 Note is a great buy at its price and offers great value for money. If you are thinking about online shopping, then you must visit paytm. You will get great offers and discount coupons at Couponhaat. It is rightfully considered as the best phone in its class. The technical specifications of the phone ensure that the phone will not be placed in the back dated category for at least 2 years from now. The camera quality is good but could have been much better. Battery performance is the best selling point for the phone as it is incomparable for any other phones in the category.