Smart Move From The Top Mobile Brand

Mobile technology becomes a necessary one in today’s world because it provides the similar function as like a computer and also it is very easy to carry every place. There is plenty of application available which helps in increasing the use of the smartphone – latest technology in the mobile world. Every year there are many latest mobile phones with plenty of technological improvement gets released. Mostly all the top brands like apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony are getting into the race for attracting the people with their high tech specifications.

Mobile Brand

Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has already attracted most of the people because of the various releases and there are three models to be released in this fiscal year. Everything will be released under the brand name of Galaxy with different conditions like mini phone and tablet. These models may feature the fingerprint scanner as similar to the apple and will have very high RAM and processor.

HTC Smartphone

The next model will be from the ace maker HTC which always stands for its quality. Already the last year M8 makes the people to experience a new development in the mobile technology. The next model named M9 will be released in this year which will feature some amazing option when compared to the previous version. This model will have super quality lcd3 screen and high speed processor. The RAM will also be high which provides the perfect choice for using the application without any small lag. There also another super model selfie smartphone from HTC which provides the quality camera with flash on both sides. All these new models will have the latest operating system and have the best touch sense to experience the right choice of mobile using.

LG Mobiles

LG is another best smartphone technology which provides some mesmerizing models to the world. The nexus 5 makes the people stunning because of the unique android OS and the best user interface. After the successful release of G3 and G2, the name G4 becomes people choice. It has octo core chip which helps in providing the seamless operation for laying some high graphical games. If you want to get good Mobile phones deals, then you must choose LG smartphone.

Apple- Tech Giant Entry

Finally, Apple is working on their new OS and also their new smartphone. Every year, Apple will mesmerize the world by giving some unique technology improvements. Also, company provides great discount on smartphone in order to attract customers. This year also it will provide some outstanding innovation which provides the next generation smartphone for all the apple lovers. One plus one is another new smartphone which provides massive experience for the people to enjoy high tech mobile under reasonable price. Mostly all the middle class people will have the ability to use this mobile for experiencing the new operation. After the success of this one, the owners are planned to produce one is two model for their end users.

Sony, The Top Brand Does Its Part

When you think about buying a phone, then sony will be one among those option. No matter what, we get really confused when we attempt to buy a smart phone. We have to do a lot of comparisons and then we have to proceed with the confirmation. When you confirm, make sure that you have enough quality in its way. When you have selected sony, then you are on the right path as well. It is a bit costlier but always worth its rate. Sony Xperia versions are really good and it is very fast paced when we think about it. We shall always get to go with any of the versions in xperia when we plan to go with Sony. After apple, we shall go with any of the android phones.

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