The Best Productivity Apps for Mobile Communications

Mobile communications today entail more than answering or making calls, so you also have access to a large number of applications. Many of these applications are free, so it is easy to take advantage of the technology. You should also learn about some of the apps that are available for mobile phones and integrate them into your daily lifestyle.

Types of Applications

To add mobile apps to your phone, you will need to either make a diligent search or find suggestions online or in an app store. Some of the applications can prove to be quite useful. Mobile apps are available in various categories, thereby making it possible to download applications that pertain to audio and music, browsers, entertainment, games, financial planning, mapping, reference, organisation, photography, video, and productivity.

Free to Access

Productivity tools are very popular apps, as they are frequently used to increase your creativity and originality. For example, one app, called “Thinking in Space” is used to form maps in order to link ideas and thoughts. This tool is used for creating new concepts. An ad-supported version is available for free online.

Astro File Manager

If you need to manage your files, then you will want to check out the “Astro File Manager” app on your phone. The tool enables your phone to act, temporarily, as a miniature PC. The “Astro File Manager” also enables users to copy, move files, rename back-up apps, and send files in the form of attachments and compressed files. The app is available in an ad-supported free version as well.

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For Task-oriented People

Another app you will want to try is the GTasks task manager, which also syncs with Google Tasks. Using the app allows you to access the web version of the Google calendar and your Gmail. This is an Android-based app which is also free.

Naturally, adding apps makes the purchase of mobile phone insurance all the more essential. A mobile device is one item that we can’t live without, which becomes especially clear when it becomes lost or damaged. To reduce the cost, you can take out insurance plans where the deductible is higher. That way, your premiums will be lower and more affordable.

Mobile Protection Often Features Low Excess Charges

However, if you do choose an insurance plan with lower premiums and higher excess charges, you need to make sure that you will be able to financially handle any replacement costs imposed on you. Any insurance cover for a mobile device can include such cover as accidental damage or theft.

Some Salient Details

An option of loss is typically standard and benefits can include one-month free protection, instant cover, and an accessories cover. Specifically, a plan can protect your mobile device from accidental damage, damage from liquids, theft, and unauthorised usage. These kinds of insurance plans usually exclude laptops and only safeguard mobile phones, smartwatches, or tablets. Protection is available for any applicable gadget less than six months old.

Get Rewarded for Not Filing Claims

Find an insurer that offers a “no claims” bonus. That way, you can get rewarded for the prudent use of your mobile technology.

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