LinkedIn Tips for Business Professionals

LinkedIn is the premier business networking site. Although people may also use Facebook and Twitter to extend their reach, LinkedIn is the most popular site built for and used by business professionals. To that end, it is critically important that you participate on this site. Moreover, your participation should follow the implementation of several carefully considered tips we’ve outlined here.

1. Customize your URL. LinkedIn supplies you with a very long web address or URL. That URL Is not something you will remember, therefore it is important that you make it memorable for you and everyone else. Fortunately, LinkedIn allows you to customize your URL, typically by using your name instead.

2. Develop a profile badge. When you use LinkedIn, you may create a profile badge to include on your other sites. The advantage here is that people who find your home page will also find your business information. Your LinkedIn page will have more information about you then what your About page can possibly share. You can configure your own design by choosing a design that is right for you.

3. Use your keywords in your profile. LinkedIn is well received by Google. Put your name in Google search and your LinkedIn profile may turn up on top or near the top on the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can extend your reach further by adding keywords that are important to you all throughout your profile. Allow these to occur naturally, but do make use of them.

4. Show your work. LinkedIn is a great place for show and tell. Specifically, it allows you to include a variety of media with your profile that go beyond links. For example, you can add videos, documents, and presentations to various sections of your profile. What a great way to extend your reach!


5. Turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume. A potential employer wants to see your resume. Trouble is, your most recent copy is about five years old. However, your LinkedIn profile is up to date and contains everything about you that you would want an employer to know. This is where LinkedIn goes from being very good to great — you use LinkedIn’s resume builder tool to convert your profile into a resume. And once that is done you can save it, edit it, and forward it as a portable document file.

6. Accept endorsements for your work. You’ve worked hard to build a following in your business career. You can extend that following by allowing people to endorse you for your skills. Endorsements show up on your profile and are listed with your skills. Potential employers will take note of your endorsements, which may not serve as references, but do give people a strong idea what you are good at.

7. Find out who has been reading up on you. You look at LinkedIn profiles and people do likewise. It is no secret that you’re being watched, but you might not know who is doing the watching. Quite easily, that information is uncovered by checking out the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature, what aptly describes and identifies those individuals. What a great way to find out if you’re in the hunt for a particular job or if a headhunter has been reviewing your work.

8. Connect your LinkedIn updates to Twitter. Make updates to your LinkedIn profile or add other new information and LinkedIn can alert Twitter. Simply add your Twitter account to LinkedIn and your next update will be shared on Twitter. Unfortunately, tweeting to Twitter no longer results in a corresponding message to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Considerations

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