The floodgates of the Smartphone markets are showing no signs of closing or narrowing the flow of new smartphones in the market. The availability of so many options has raged a price war among the competing brands. The maximum benefit of such competition is reaped by the customers as the companies provide features that are aimed to convince the customers about the relative value for money they pay for the products. Lenovo launched the K3 Note, a 5.5” Screen phablet which is equipped with features that were considered to be the cream of the crop only two years ago. The features that mesmerised the users 2 years ago in the 30000+ category of products are now available with the K3 Note in the 10000 category of phones. Not only does this ensure value for money but also highlights the constantly changing dynamics of the smartphone markets in India.

The device is sold only through online stores and thus, physical examination of the same is difficult prior to the purchase of the phone. The brand value of Lenovo surely inspires trust for mobile devices but the modern day users prefer a touch and feel experience before considering placing the product in the shopping carts. However, the description and dedicated pages offered by the online stores for the K3 Note comprehensively make up for the absence of touch and feel elements. Prospective buyers can always search for the users of the device in peer groups and family for prior hands on experience. Lenovo K3 Note release date was in March 2015 where the phone was launched globally.



The K3 Note is packed in an attractive white box which contains description of the product at the back. The box is a sandwich design which is similar to many flagship phones in the market. It is highly recommended to check the 3D hologram placed at the front of the box to verify the genuineness of the product given the anti-social entry of knock offs in the market which creates doubt and apprehension in the minds of the customers and cause misconceptions against the product value of the company with sub-standard performances. Buying genuine products ensures good performance and after sales service at the customer care centres.

The box of the K3 Note contains the K3 Note with a back panel, 3000mAh battery, a quick start guide which includes the warranty card, charging adapter and a charging cable. Headphones are not a part of the package and need to be purchased separately. Keeping a tab on Lenovo K3 Note paytm offers can help the users secure a free headset along the device.


The Lenovo K3 Note price in India is INR 13000 with marginal differences on various online stores. The phone offers great features in the respective price range and is an owner’s delight if used ad managed with proper care.

The phone is categorised under the Sub 10k phones in India and tops the list as the best phone amongst the lot. The closest competitors do not even match half the specs of the Lenovo K3 Note.


Similar to other devices in the price range the K3 Note has a flat back flimsy plastic cover which is comparatively stronger than the flexible ones found on Samsung devices. The large size of the phone fits nicely in the hand but plastic back may cause slipping or grip irritation in sweaty or wet conditions. The back is accented by a 13mp camera which has a LED flash fixed next to it. The front view of the phone is slightly different from the other phones in the price range as it has a slightly raised lip ring to avoid screen damage no centre button.

The front features a near seamless end to end screen which is great for movie and gaming experience. There are 3 feather touch buttons below the screen which are very clumsily placed and do not have a backlit support. Thus, using the phone in dark conditions can be a gruesome experience.

The right side of the phone has the volume rocker as well as the power/lock button which could have been placed more ergonomically.

Left side of the phone is left blank with the neat brushed and anodised aluminium ring running along. The audio jack is at the top and charging slot is found at the bottom of the device.


The K3 Note features a 13mp rear camera with Image stabilization and Auto focus. The camera clarity is great and supersedes the performance of other devices. The night photography could have been better but still scores a bit above average. The colours captured by the camera were found to be a subdued. The camera supports Full HD video recording.

The front camera is a 5mp with a wide angle lens. The camera is great for capturing group selfies and has commendable clarity.

It is important to note that though the picture clicking experience of the phone is fun and seamless, the effect on battery consumption is massive. Thus, thinking before going on a spree of photo clicking is highly recommended.

The Lenovo K3 Note is a great buy at its price and offers great value for money. If you are thinking about online shopping, then you must visit paytm. You will get great offers and discount coupons at Couponhaat. It is rightfully considered as the best phone in its class. The technical specifications of the phone ensure that the phone will not be placed in the back dated category for at least 2 years from now. The camera quality is good but could have been much better. Battery performance is the best selling point for the phone as it is incomparable for any other phones in the category.

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