How To Combat Spam Traffic With Google Analytics Filters? – Semalt Reveals An Answer

It may not be possible for all of us to destroy spam traffic with Google Analytics filters. There are chances that this would happen to everyone as spammers play with plenty of sites on a daily basis. They are dangerous for your businesses and can ruin your reputation on the internet. Another problem is that ghost traffic, and spam do not give you accurate results in terms of website traffic. They always provide you views with high bounce rate, leading you to feel that you are receiving more and more views every day. It is important for us to receive only a few views per day, ensuring their quality. In contrast, the websites that receive plenty of views and less valuable bounce rate may not generate lots of leads. If you are one of them, you must change your strategies and build a trustable online presence. Even when you know that spammers are there, you should not argue with them and create some filters to get rid of them to a great extent.

Luckily, some techniques and methods are available to get rid of spammers with Google Analytics. You can create filters and solve many of your problems on the internet.

A top professional from Semalt Digital Services, Ivan Konovalov, takes a look here at some of the basic things you should keep in mind:

Creating new views

It’s good to create whole new views before you adjust settings in your Google Analytics account. You should create new, untouched filters in a large number and break the things into segments. In the beginning, this process will take some time but can help you prepare quality reports. You should navigate to the Admin section of your Google Analytics account and adjust the View Setting. Here you should create different views and different filters and get them joined with each other.

Setting up a comprehensive filter

You can set up a large number of filters based on your requirements. If you have some confusion about how to create filters, we suggest you check Google’s tips that are available on the internet, but a few things that need your quick attention include valid hostnames, campaign sources, language settings, and more.

Logical hostnames

It would not be wrong to say that all of your website traffic has to pass through the hostnames and servers to ensure that the quality is not compromised. The information is available in your Google Analytics. A valid hostname is a legitimate name that is associated with your site and can filter your search engine results based on your settings. If you are tired of the high bounce rate, you can try this option to decrease the bounce rate of your site. But you should always make sure that you don’t get trapped by a fake hostname as it can ruin your site.

Campaign sources

You must have an idea of where the traffic of your website is coming from. By creating filters, you can know the sources of the traffic as well as get information about the IP addresses.

Language settings

A large number of spammers and hackers exploit your site and its settings by sending fake traffic. Plus, they overtake your language settings, and filters get disturbed to a great extent. The best way to get rid of them is by monitoring your site’s performance every day. You should keep an eye on how many views you have received and how to improve the bounce rate.

Viral Internet Marketing

Viral marketing is the tool for successful internet marketing to promote your business online. This is the most popular solution and cost effective online marketing. Thus, the majority of Internet marketers adopt viral marketing as a means of clever advertising.

The different forms of viral marketing methods

Different types of QR Code Generator marketing techniques are available online in order to improve online sales and boost visibility in different search engines. The following types of viral marketing methods play a very important role in the overall success of marketing your online business. Most free run considerable techniques include:

– Blogs

– Email marketing

– Social networking

– Article submission

– Newsletters

– Stand alone white papers and e-books

– Online forums

– Podcasts

Creating a viral effect via a directory link building and exchange quality links are other forms of viral marketing strategy. In general, quality links are included in the content such as articles, blogs and news. More generally, viral marketing is done via flash interactive games, the use of images, text messages, music tracks and videos.

Of viral marketing solutions to improve your advertising efforts

Viral marketing boast great aptitude for marketing and help you achieve unparalleled business growth. Using this powerful tool to your advantage, you can reach many marketing objectives, including:

– Improve your site’s ranking on search engines

– Increased value market your company or brand

– Increase Sales

– Revenues increased marketing

– Improved customer loyalty

– Make positive reputation

– Create inbound links

– Announce the existence of your site

– Take a continuous stream of targeted traffic

Advantages of Viral Marketing

Many long-term and immediate benefits are provided by viral marketing campaigns. Some of the benefits attached with viral marketing are long-term visitors, greater visibility in search engines, enhanced sales leads and profit. You can take your business to an advanced level without distributing a lot of money. This form of marketing strategy allows business proposals to reach global audiences. Extensive use of internet affiliate and interactive forums let the entrepreneurs to approve the company without any geographical barrier advertising. Moreover, the word of mouth idea ripples on the product reference or peer-to-peer service. It also allows the online business to make recipes of the local interest in the company.

Take advantage of viral marketing prospects for your online business

If you want to increase the brand value of your business through viral marketing, it is essential to respond to the provider of online marketing. Make sure the viral marketing that the service provider you choose can provide attractive and intelligent viral solutions to enhance the value of your online business. Most service providers offer excellent internet marketing services, such as consulting services for tactical viral marketing, designing, planning or development of advertising plans as well as content development and loads more with the primary objective of achieving long-term positive results.

How to Install A CDN on Your WordPress Site

Does your website seem to be bit slowly? Do the fonts and the images take longer time to load on the site? This is the time when you require updating your site using the CDN. Large number of websites is becoming faster than before by just using the simple tool of

The sites that are made with the help of the Wordprees are the best candidates to use the CDN. WordPress is having the blog type of environment in the right place. Mainly, where there is the big blog, there are images, Javascripts, fonts and CSS stylesheets that are being embedded in such an order for maintaining its function and form. With the help of the CDN, the user can serve the content in a huge faster speed. In this article, you will certainly know about the CDN and the tips that will help you to install it in the wordpress blogs. CDN provides the best content delivery network to the customers.

What do you understand by CDN?

It is one of the simplest ways to change your WordPress site. CDN stands for the Content Delivery Network. It is actually the dedicated server that helps the user for faster and efficient delivery of the media including the fonts, images, and content. It is one of the greatest solutions for globally optimize the website.

When you are using the CDN, the content that you are using is cached and then stored on the servers throughout the globe than the single one particular location like the web hosting. The content here used are the stylesheets, flash, images and many more that are being embedded in the site. Here, the user who is residing has the impact on the loading time of the website. When you are using the CDN, you are deploying the cashed files across the servers globally. You can take the best approach to deliver the contents to the users in the most efficient way.

There are various reasons why most of the people require CDN for the WordPress site. Some of the features of CDN are speed, less number of crashes, improved level of SEO and happy audiences.

Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions: Top Business Benefits

Just having a username and password associated with an online account is not safe when cyber hackers are looking for the slightest opportunity to steal your business data. Unauthorized access to user identities and stolen passwords are a major concern today, and hackers with access to such credentials gain the ability to take control of accounts, a company’s social media page, or whatever company details exists online. This is the reason many businesses are now switching to multi-factor authentication solutions that need more than one type of authentication element from the end user. Here are some of the top benefits of multi-factor authentication (MFA) system:

Protects Financial Transactions in Smartphones

The world’s largest search engine company, Google, is providing users with a one-time access security code to protect accounts. When the application is launched on your mobile device, a user simply needs to enter the one-time code that is displayed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device to get access to a restricted account. Financial and banking institutions use multiple mobile-based systems to authenticate users initiating a financial transaction online. With MFA solutions, the bank will automatically send a text message to the user’s registered cell phone. A user needs to enter the displayed code in the message to complete the transaction. However, this method may not be a safe one if the computer, laptop, and the smartphone are hacked using malware. This is the reason you need an MFA solution that is more secure and foolproof. It is also important to keep all computers protected with antivirus software.

Secure Access to a Mobile Workforce

Many companies now have workforces distributed in remote locations worldwide. The mobile workforce can perform their tasks from the comfort of their home or while on the go. This is the reason many enterprises are now looking for MFA applications that help them control access to the protected segments of their intranet or allow their mobile employees to gain access to locations over the internet. MFA is one of the best ways to offer secure access to the staff members working from remote locations. MFA helps in reducing the risks associated with data theft and security breach. Secure access can be provided in a number of ways including virtual tokens, magnetic stripe cards, soft tokens, one-time solutions, port tokens, and safe access via the USB port or smart cards.

Additional Verification through Security Token Devices

Many companies are now switching to security tokens as an additional layer of safety and a fail-safe method for MFA. These security tokens are hardware devices that provide users with a security code that keeps changing. This device is synchronized with the server of an organization so that they both know the precise code to be entered at that particular point in time. These security tokens are the perfect solution for many users who work from a distant location where cell phone signal is unavailable. Other security token devices such as a USB gadget automatically enter a one-time passcode with the simple touch of a button. A few of these devices also allow MFA with a scanned fingerprint via the USB port.

 Many enterprises count on multi-factor authentication solutions to implement advanced security features such as a single sign-on (SSO), which is simpler for users and difficult for cyber hackers. With SSO, an end user executes the MFA process. Once this is done, the user gets access to his SSO software and gains the right to admission for using all data and apps without requiring to type in the login credentials or passwords every time. With account passwords becoming unsafe, multi-factor tools have broadened their use from core IT staff to about everyone in giant corporations, particularly where confidential business or customer data is being used.


How to Craft Compelling Technical Content

Technical writing is all about creating content that is compelling, plain and simple  content or documentation that is intended for either user manuals, online help documentation, instruction manuals and training materials. Technical writing is completely different from website content writing as one needs to have some technical knowledge in order to provide riveting technical content. There are a lot of online freelance technical writers who provide very good technical content at affordable prices. To craft compelling technical content the technical writer should understand the product or the system completely and present in an organized manner.


Try to Create Rhetorical Awareness        

A simple technical content is just writing about the products and its services but a highly skilled technical writer will focus on rhetorical awareness among its readers to communicate more effectively. Other than using the same kind of usual templates, try to write more persuasive content to describe more about the product to get closer with the audience and try to explain in a more user friendly manner and draft the content user-centered. People who need content writing jobs for technology often don’t engage technical writers but content writers and end up in the losing side of the content.

To write a rhetorically, you should consider the following things:

  • Understand the expectation of your readers before putting starting your content writing task. Try to ask yourself that what kind of information the audience will expect from you.
  • Understand your audience to think about what type of audience will be reading your content, whether stakeholders and management who are involved in a decision making process or general public who read the content to understand about the product and its features. Based on the type of audience, your writing level should be changed.
  • Understand the ultimate goal of the audience. Ask yourself what the user going to gain after reading the manual. Whether it is a document to sell your product or a document that provides details about the product and its features, after the product is purchased.

Break Down Data into Tasks

Data organization is a key component in technical writing. Breaking down a chunk of data into a number tasks and sub-tasks will enable the reader to understand the content more easily.

  • Users will get frustrated with long descriptions and large chunks of literary metaphors
  • So understand the requirement, break down your content into a set of tasks and sub tasks if


  • People often skip technical information and read it only if it is really needed, and if it is clearly

       organized, then it will be much easier to understand the information easily for them

 Visually Compelling

The success of a technical content depends on how much it helps the end user in grabbing the information laid out before them easily. Even though technical content is the core of the document, it is not wrong to include images, charts, graphics and illustrations in the document to increase the readability ratio. Technical writing is never the same like content writing, here you need to make sure that the content provided to the user performs or fulfils its assigned task.

Brand Success with Instagram: Why It’s So Popular

With the downfall of MySpace, users ran to Facebook. Now that Facebook has become stagnant, Instagram is the current, long-running major social media craze. Rising in popularity since 2011, the social media app grew to 100 million users less than one year later. Now, there are 500 million active users every month as of June 2016. Surely, there must be a reason for it. We dove deeper inside to find out.

A Clutter-Free Timeline

Instagram was one of the first social media sites to take something we all like and put it in an easily accessible form. Instead of having walls of stories from people you haven’t seen in years, Instagram allows you to see whom you want in the form of photos only. While there are captions, Instagram has made it so that they don’t clutter your feed by having a “see more” type of button.

It’s no surprise that people are tired of reading walls of text and are more inclined to viewing pictures instead. Viewing photos is a preferable option for many, studies show. A recent study led by the Department of Psychology at Korea University took 212 Instagram users and began learning their motivation for the enjoyment of photos over text. The university came to the conclusion that scrolling down a photo timeline was easier and pictures get to the point more quickly.

You Choose What’s on Your Timeline

One thing that’s different about Instagram in comparison with other social media sites is the fact that you get to choose whom you follow back. Someone may be interested in your newsfeed and be following you, but you don’t have to follow him or her back if you don’t care for what’s on his or her timeline. Since this is automatic, it’s a huge selling point for Instagram fans.

Unfortunately, there is a process you must go through to get the same results on Facebook. If someone has added you and you don’t care for what’s on his or her feed, sure, you can deny, but there’s also the option of accepting him or her, going to his or her profile and unfollowing him or her, or straight up deleting him or her and letting him or her remain an account follower. Either way, it’s a multi-step process that Instagram has streamlined with one feature.

It’s easy to get Instagram followers through real automated services that target your desired demographic. In doing so, you can build your brand recognition and personal account for conversions. If you’re someone who just wants a lot of photo attention, Instagram automation services work for you too. Just because thousands of people follow you doesn’t mean you have an obligation to follow them back.

You get to choose what’s on your timeline by following or unfollowing those of your choosing. For the recommended section, you’ll only see posts relevant to what you’ve shown interest in in the past. Instagram algorithms are set in place to prioritise what you like and no one else, making it a much more personable app than Facebook.