Interesting Galaxy S9 Specs- inherited by S8

Galaxy S8 has been launched recently, receiving a positive feedback from the users. Now is the turn for Galaxy S9 to hit the market next year. The device S8 works equally smoothly both with the full display resolution and in Full HD mode, which is enabled by default. The difference in speed, if present, generally is not visible to the eye.

Performance and features

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8 received the same basic cell as the last year Galaxy S7 / S7 edge: Mn 12, f / 1.7, a sandwich of lenses. The company said it has improved processing algorithms, which usually means “change will be almost invisible,” but not in the case of the new Samsung flagship. The new flagship, releasing next year, would grant a 16MP+16MP dual lens camera with the 8MP front camera having a Dual colour UHD Flash light priding the user a charismatic camera with 30 new 3D frames.

Excellent speed – Galaxy S8 is one of the top-end devices, but Samsung has been surprised us in the question of heating in case of S8. Network battles of 40 minutes virtually heated the apparatus, it becomes lukewarm. Preheat the body was only radio modules in a long trip, which constantly come and go of connection, however, even in this situation, catch device is not necessary. Low heat ensures the stability of battery power under virtually any load. Samsung has been improved these shortcomings for upcoming Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 is going to launch next year with an excellent speed without getting warm too soon.

Battery Power

Samsung Galaxy S8 received a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, which provides a typical for the majority of the flagships of autonomy – about 5 hours of the active display at 20 hours of standby time. Load, as befits the typical machine were high: 30-minute video on YouTube, a 20-minute 3D-games, two clients of social networks and instant messenger with three constant correspondence and multiple push-notifications, four mailboxes, two dozen other useful programs. In contrary, Galaxy S9 achieved a battery power capacity of 4200mAh which helps in the long duration use of the phone. S9 will provide the user – about 8 hours of active display on the same time limit S8 provided. We can use the S9 device for late hours without getting a ‘low battery’ signal too sooner.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 connector was replaced with USB Type-C, there are new opportunities that the maximum unfold with dock DeX, but some pleasant moments can be seen without it, including when the machine is connected to another device, you can choose, charged from that or, on the contrary, give the power. Same, Samsung has applied to Galaxy S9.

Security and other features:

Iris scanner, which first appeared in the Samsung Note 7, has used in Galaxy S8. Recognition system works well, but there are occasional failures, especially in the face too bright or too dark lighting, but in 90% of cases it recognizes the owner. Galaxy S9 is expected to magnetize its customers with its high-sensor technology- Fingerprint unlock method provides a high security to the user with a higher version.

Galaxy S9 is completely ready to compete with my phones. All the improved and updated features and stunning display of Galaxy S9 will definitely win everyone’s heart, increasing its demand in the market.

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