Google Pixel will have successors. The two smartphones made in Google may not be available in few countries, the firm of Moutain View is already working on its successor. Nothing surprising to this since phones are experiencing a popular success over the Atlantic and Google is facing stock problems. The “Taimen” device appeared on Geekbench (details).

Google Pixel 2: code-named Walleye, Muskie and Taimen

Walleye and Muskie are the code names of future Google Pixels but another name is (re) appeared: Taimen. For the curious, know that Muskie is a muskie (pike of North America), Walleye is a walleye, so we can think that Muskie will be the future Pixel XL since it is the biggest fish. Taimen Refers to the eponymous fish originating from Eastern Europe and more precisely from Siberia. Remember that the Taimen had already made mention of him, especially for his screen that would be wider than the other two models, but at that time he did not seem to be a likely candidate for the Pixel family.

What do we know about Taimen? No concrete information at the moment but several rumors agitate Internet, one of them even claiming that the device is not a phone but a tablet, succeeding the pixel C. Pure speculation, of course, since it is possible that Taimen is simply a Phablet even bigger than Muskie. In any case, the rumors mention a huge screen so we can forget the idea of ​​a very small model that would compete with the iPhone SE.

Google Pixel 2: technical specifications

Not surprisingly, it is confirmed that the new Pixel models Google Pixel 2 will use the Snapdragon 835 processor. The latter is privileged by all manufacturers who do not create their own CPU, so it is logical to find it on the new flagships of Google.

This processor is one of the best in the market and besides better performance pure on the benchmarks that the common users will not see without performing benchmarks. Other elements such as antenna performance or autonomy have also been improved, which should bring real added value to the user.

We then find the processor. This is an octa-core Qualcomm processor running at 1.90 GHz. Is it the Snapdragon 835? Or is it a less upmarket model? The 4 GB RAM mentioned below makes us prefer the high-end assumption.

Google Pixel 2: release date

Fortunately, Google Assistant is expected to arrive by the end of the year. It is at this same period that the release of the new Pixel is expected, so we can expect to see a Pixel 2 available in the hexagon. Osterloh, confirmed that the Pixel will remain premium. In other words, it might arrive in October, but its price might frighten more than one.

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