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Gain Mastery of Office 365 Through Training

It definitely pays to fully understand any software that you’re going to have to use extensively. This is exactly why training for Office 365 is so important. Here are some examples of what you can learn how to do if you go with the proper training.

Full Use of the Cloud 

One new thing about this version of Microsoft 365 is that it’s fully on the cloud. This means that you can use everything in a different way as compared to the way you normally have to use word processing software. Traditionally, software that had word processing ability would only be standalone and it would function only as a non-Internet entity.

But the new Office 365 software has a software package you install in addition to having functions that operate through the cloud on the Internet. You can also get an online only version if you want as well, this version is completely free. The service also allows you to keep paying for it over time and so get access to a constant amount of new features and add-ons, which is different than it is with just about any other service on the planet.

Edit the Same Document with Multiple People Simultaneously 

One of the things you can learn how to do very quickly and easily on Office 365 with the right training is edit various different Microsoft documents at the same time as others are working on the project. You don’t have to email an attachment of endless versions from one person to another endlessly anymore. Once you figure it out, you can get through projects really quickly with your team with this simultaneous feature.

Skype Integration 

Since Skype is owned by Microsoft now, it’s now possible for you to talk with other people over Skype at the same time as you edit any document. This will be integrated right within the document. All you have to do is hit the “chat,” button right inside the document to talk it over with your other project members. This will even work if you leave the document entirely. Essentially, you’ll still be able to keep the phone chat line open even afterwards. The programs will be independent in this way.

Office 365

File Linking 

Another thing you can learn how to do through Office 365 with some training help is link to files instead of attaching them. That way you don’t have to worry about team members needing to download files. This is important since, in some cases, people won’t be able to download any files on their computers. This feature is also useful to get through the program and learn to use because it will mean that you don’t have to constantly download new files all the time. As a result, you’ll have more room on your computer, which will be less cluttered.

Automatically Locate Photos

If you have a project that needs images, you can also have the software find the images for you through the Bing search engine automatically, if you know how. Not only can this approach save you a significant amount of time, but it can also enable you to locate images that are much more appropriate than those that you might think to choose on your own.

Other Applications

There are a large number of features available to learn about through the software and more are being added constantly. Some other examples include how you can scribble notes and images in part of the program and have the software convert this to more recognizable images. This includes using the option labelled “math” to convert scribbled numbers into actual numbers, for example. There’s a tool called lasso which lets you fix any mistakes you make as well if you get the right training to use it to its uttermost potential.

There are ways to allow your email to clean itself through the office package as well. This way you don’t have to waste so much time on it. This is what training for Office356 will get you.

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