Finding hidden files and folders in windows is easy with these steps

Everybody has their own reasons for hiding files on your computer. It’s simple! You don’t want other people to peep in your confidential data or make changes to it. That is the reason we password protect our files or hide them in some folder. Many companies today follow this technique to prevent unauthorised access to the files. Whatever might be your reason, hiding files and folders is a common tradition followed across the tech community.

If you are a window user, then hiding the file is the easiest thing in the world. Just right click on the file, go to properties, check the hidden box, click apply and there you are, the file is now hidden somewhere in your computer. This is simple, but many times we forget the location of the hidden file. As a result, we keep searching on the computer but get no results. You have the option to go to each and every folder to see if the file is hidden there or not. But this step is very time consuming and wasting of effort. There are some quick and simple steps as well through which you can find your files exact location on your computer.

For Windows Vista version

  1. Find the windows logo button and right click on it. Now click explore
  2. In the new window, click organize and select “folder and search option”
  3. On the new screen, go to view tab and select “show hidden files or folders” and uncheck the box “Hide protected system operated files”
  4. It will give you a warning that if you want to continue with the step. Click “Yes” and click OK

Searching files in Vista

  1. Find the windows logo button and click search
  2. In advance search tab, click on the drop down menu
  3. Select computer
  4. In the new window, select new indexed and hidden files option
  5. If you have the name of the file, enter the name in the name field. If don’t remember the file name then you can look for an extension file. For example, if you are looking for a word document then type *.doc
  6. Click on search
  7. You will get the list of all documents in your computer. Depending on the file name you are searching for you can select the file

Every search in windows start with windows and search. The logo’s or names could be different in each version but the steps remain the same. For instance, if you are searching for hidden files and folders in Windows 10, 8 or 7 then you would have to just press Windows and F keys together and follow instructions after step 5.

So, steps for searching remains exactly the same in other versions just few steps are different. Versions older from vista are complicated. Windows is very user friendly operating system. Hence, looking anything in this OS is never a problem.

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