How electric transformers work

Basically, a transformer is said to be a machine that transmits power from one circuit to another systematically without changing its frequency.  Electric power is generated in a low voltage which is cost friendly and effective since it can be transmitted directly unlike in a high voltage which cannot be distributed directly to the consumer without been steeped down to the desired level of the consumer at the receiving end . There are different types of transformers depending on their purpose, use or even construction namely:

  • Step up transformer and step down transformer- this type of transformer is used to step up and down the voltage level of power during transmission and in the distribution of power network.
  • Three phase transformer and single phase transformer- the three phase transformer is used in three phase power system because it is cost effective than the single phase transformer. When it comes to matters were size is the main focus, then the single phase transformer can be used as it is easier to transport.
  • Electrical power transformer, distribution transformer and instrument transformer- the electric transformer is generally used to transmit network. Distribution transformer which is a lower rating transformer is used to distribute network. Instrument transformers are used for relaying and protection purpose of the electrical power systems.
  • Two winding transformer and auto transformer- a two winding transformer is used where ratio between the high voltage and the low voltage is greater than two. When the ratio between the two voltages is less than two then it is advisable to use auto transformer as it cost effective to use the auto transformer.
  • Outdoor transformer and indoor transformer- these are transformers that are designed for installation of outdoor and indoor respectively.

electric transformers

In electric power transformers, high voltage is used.  When electricity is flowing in a metal wire, the electrons that carry its energy run through the metallic structure resulting to the wires getting hot.   The higher the voltage electricity used the lower the current becomes and therefore a less amount of energy is wasted. As a result, power plants use high voltages to send   electricity that saving energy. Different industries and electric users have   different consumer needs depending on the different electricity use they have. This is the reason why there is need to ship high voltage in electric transformers and step tem down to lower voltage levels needed once they are at the desired destination.

Electric transformers render different benefits to its users depending on their use electric transformers are easy to install, repair, assemble and require less space and give easy time during transportation. They deliver more power and are highly efficient giving satisfaction and value reciprocal to the user.

Electric transformers are configured in a way they are able to function normally even in situation where the areas are damp or incase it is mild fault. This reduces dangerous events such as fire occurrence and other hazardous situations.

Electric transformers are reliable and have a longer life considering their flexibility and different use in varied industries. Their use of low voltage level energy enables saving working as an advantage to the consumer.

Electric transformer comes up with efficient and effective current supply to electricity consumers and it also enables them to obtain it in a competitive prices.  Electric transformers are pocket friendly and are of high  quality they store energy from the main source and transmits it to another end  source and are suitable to use since they still function normally in case of a mild fault. This makes it suitable to suitable and most competent transformer to transmit electric current.

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