Brand Success with Instagram: Why It’s So Popular

With the downfall of MySpace, users ran to Facebook. Now that Facebook has become stagnant, Instagram is the current, long-running major social media craze. Rising in popularity since 2011, the social media app grew to 100 million users less than one year later. Now, there are 500 million active users every month as of June 2016. Surely, there must be a reason for it. We dove deeper inside to find out.

A Clutter-Free Timeline

Instagram was one of the first social media sites to take something we all like and put it in an easily accessible form. Instead of having walls of stories from people you haven’t seen in years, Instagram allows you to see whom you want in the form of photos only. While there are captions, Instagram has made it so that they don’t clutter your feed by having a “see more” type of button.

It’s no surprise that people are tired of reading walls of text and are more inclined to viewing pictures instead. Viewing photos is a preferable option for many, studies show. A recent study led by the Department of Psychology at Korea University took 212 Instagram users and began learning their motivation for the enjoyment of photos over text. The university came to the conclusion that scrolling down a photo timeline was easier and pictures get to the point more quickly.

You Choose What’s on Your Timeline

One thing that’s different about Instagram in comparison with other social media sites is the fact that you get to choose whom you follow back. Someone may be interested in your newsfeed and be following you, but you don’t have to follow him or her back if you don’t care for what’s on his or her timeline. Since this is automatic, it’s a huge selling point for Instagram fans.

Unfortunately, there is a process you must go through to get the same results on Facebook. If someone has added you and you don’t care for what’s on his or her feed, sure, you can deny, but there’s also the option of accepting him or her, going to his or her profile and unfollowing him or her, or straight up deleting him or her and letting him or her remain an account follower. Either way, it’s a multi-step process that Instagram has streamlined with one feature.

It’s easy to get Instagram followers through real automated services that target your desired demographic. In doing so, you can build your brand recognition and personal account for conversions. If you’re someone who just wants a lot of photo attention, Instagram automation services work for you too. Just because thousands of people follow you doesn’t mean you have an obligation to follow them back.

You get to choose what’s on your timeline by following or unfollowing those of your choosing. For the recommended section, you’ll only see posts relevant to what you’ve shown interest in in the past. Instagram algorithms are set in place to prioritise what you like and no one else, making it a much more personable app than Facebook.

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