Locate your Smartphones with GPS Driven Technologies

Phone Location-tracking Application

In today’s gadget-driven world, people tend to embrace technology for gaining ability, to find exactly where their lost or stolen smartphone is. This can be achieved by an efficient phone tracking app, which offers to provide location of a smartphone, enabled with the Global Positioning System (GPS). Although, a wide variety of such software programs and applications are available, to support location tracking of portable devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. only very few of them justifies a seamless tracking. Hence ultimately, a phone tracker app would certainly be an online application, as it focuses on recording all the location based information sent from a Smart Phone.

Need for one

Most of such apps offers to notify or alarm you when the target phone enters a prohibited area and sometimes it even offers additional spying features too, such as to track text messages, call logs etc. By this you could monitor your children’s navigation around your city. On the other hand, this kind of applications are very much useful to find out missing people. Pursuing location with the help of GPS, a satellite based navigation system, is the easiest method to track a cell phone.

What to Expect from a Shrewd Location Tracker?

Though these apps that performs to locate a smartphone, bears a list of useful features for parents, it is also widely used for spying on employees or on partners of business/personal relationships. In this modern world, where almost everyone have become privacy-conscious for their virtual security, it is really challenging to find an efficiently functioning location tracking app that works hidden, on the target phone.  Many people fear the idea of their mobile being tracked by others and subsequently take precautionary steps to avoid it (like, using a security app). So we need an infiltrating, competent phone locator, to track a device perfectly, without any hindrance. Therefore, eventually there are certain requirements to be fulfilled by an app to make the location tracking process an exquisite one.

  • Compatibility
  • Data Archive
  • Canonical for all Countries


These apps are expected to have an extensive compatibility with various smartphone devices. However, the tracking apps certainly varies based on the Operating System of the mobile phones, owing to the differences in the mobile platforms. Therefore, an efficient tracking application would bear corresponding version to support various OS such as the Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Data Archive

A comprehensive, detailed record of location based data is one of the most important factor, expected from a good location tracking app. It would be very useful, when these applications track location info of the desired smartphone and record them on a secured server, from where we could retrieve it by accessing it.

Canonical for All Countries

With the widespread usage of the advancements in web based technologies, the world has become a global village, which have induced a need for making every new product usable for anyone, before being launched. And the same goes with phone trackers too. Therefore it is very important that a tracking application is backed with detailed location data of all the countries in the world, to make the gps tracking cell phone specific to any country.

What to do before launching your own app?

These modern day inventions are attracting people more strongly than a magnet attracts iron or gravity attracts us. Day by day, more and more, people are getting interested in these inventions. Today not only adults, but our youth and even young children know about different technologies and innovations. In fact, they are more interested in hi-tech technologies than their parents. Youth is getting more involved, it could be observed by their strength in computer sciences and information technology classes. Today, the scope of technology and computer is beyond our imagination. Our youth is fully aware of that. This makes them more interested in learning computer/ IT than any of the other generations before. Even a two year old kid knows how to start a laptop/ computer and play games on it or watch cartoons. This shows how computer is governing our minds. How much it has invaded our souls. Now the question arises, if the computers are ruling us, what are they ruled by?

 Computers are ruled by the Internet. The Internet connects people globally in an intricate web that makes us feel closer to each other in spite of being oceans apart. Although it has many features regarding different issues, but the backbone/ soul of computer is still the Internet. Without the Internet, the essence of using computers is lost to some users, whether it’s a laptop, iPhone or tablet, no one would want to spend an entire hour without the Internet. People, who are slightly interested in the computers, even they know how to use the Internet, so think about the people who are passionate about it. The evolution in the field of computers has allowed to increase a quantity of IT experts, software engineers, networking specialists. They are creating software on which we work on a daily basis. Whether it’s a part of their passion or project, they are working on it on a daily basis.

Different certified software engineers and designers are there to check the credibility of their work. Although many people are connected to the Internet doing different jobs, but it does not mean you can do anything over the Internet. Fine, you have created many colorful and useful apps, but there are some ways things work out. You can’t just make them and upload them over the Internet in order to get users or publicity. There are some set of rules which manages the world of Internet. When you launch your own software, you can appeal to different software engineers who could check it. QATestlab is an international leading company that performs cross-platform testing and social network testing. If you have created a mobile game app and need to test it, they can perform a mobile games testing. QATestlab provide us with the highly qualified and experienced specialists. This company offers full range of software testing services.

5 Ways To Develop Android Apps

Each day there are thousands of new apps being deployed but how can so many apps be created and by whom? Well, today there are many novice and amateurs who have embarked in creating their own app either to make money or it’s the mother of invention, they have a real need and nothing exists on the market. The quality or lack of varies as does the selection of apps – caveat emptor or buyers beware. Just because there are many ways in which to create an app, they’re not created equal.

Android Apps

For businesses that require high end apps, there is typically a team of developers, user interface engineers, testers, and a support team. Many coders typically use C++ or Java and they either have some name brand tools or they develop their own and much of this is not for the faint at heart. Once an Android App has been developed, the app needs to be distributed via the Google Android Marketplace or Amazon Appstore for Android and future apps owners must be able to locate or search for it. For information concerning which services and capabilities that are available with hiring an Android development professional, visit pattern.co.nz.

Hire a professional – most professionals use the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) or SDK because they depend on a reliable, well-defined process and tools with which to create, version, test, and deployed their app-products. A pro will be costly but then again, you get what you pay for – the pro is the best investment for serious commercial apps and for companies who are in this for the profit.

Web guru – if you want efficiency, hire a web guru because he or she can develop and write the code for your app and then “port” it over to different platforms or operating systems otherwise known as cross-platform development. For example, there have been successes with using HTML5 to develop code for both iPhone and Android devices.

Pay somebody Freelance software development – there are many self-employed or individuals who posses adequate experience and knowledge to help you accomplish your dream app. However, you might have to place you blind trust in someone whom you do not know or who may be challenging to work with at times.
DIY app creation platform – this may be the most rewarding but demanding path to take. It requires having to self-educate your self by taking formal college courses on campus, remotely, or through trial and error using your own equipment and software tools. Given the abundance of Internet sources, this may be expeditious for the disciplined and motivated student.

Web Mobile Optimized Web Pages – this is probably the least efficient and least effective means to accomplish some type of right “sizing” of web pages for viewing on the mobile device. This may require changing the system settings on your smart phone or changing, if permitted, the original web sites of interest for viewing on your phone but this is highly unlikely or not feasible.

Do retailers need to offer shopping apps

The growing popularity of apps is indisputable. It is there for all to see and as more people get accustomed with making purchases online using their mobile devices, the omnipresence of apps will only become more omnipotent.

There are millions of apps out there but only a handful has staggering popularity. That brings us to an important question. Do businesses like retailers need to offer shopping apps? Sure, gaming apps are popular, apps of service providers and utilitarian apps such as that of cab companies, weather and maps are difficult to ignore. So, what about retailers?

shopping apps

Retailers must consider offering shopping apps. Here are the reasons why.

  • Having a mobile presence has become imperative. Now, there are two ways to have a mobile presence. Either a retailer has a responsive website which will work just fine on mobile browsers or the company must have an app. Actually, a retailer can have both. Considering the ambit of a mobile website or a responsive website, it is still not the best solution. The exact nature of an app is that it is specially designed bearing in mind the mobile interfaces. Responsive websites still work like traditional websites. The only difference is in its layout and optimization for a browser and a different screen size, aspect ratio, fonts and the likes. One doesn’t just need a cosmetic change of the traditional website. One needs a truly mobile experience. That is offered by apps.
  • Mobile apps can help retailers to promote their inventory directly to an individual whose phone number will be known, and so would other details that are provided at the time of downloading the app or installing it. From push notifications to instant updates, apps can change the paradigm for a retailer, which will only lead to more sales. One gets a captive market share with apps.
  • Apps can also serve several facilitating tasks. For instance, apps can help with deliveries. Retailers using courier service to Italy can provide all updates and real time tracking of the delivery to the customers from the country through the apps. The customers will not have to log into any special system. They don’t need desktops or laptops. They can keep a check on their delivery on the go. There are some courier companies like Courierpoint that have their own apps as well which can cater to this need.
  • Apps are also great for targeted marketing. A retailer may want to launch an amazing discount but may have limited inventory. Rewarding those who have an app can be a good way to sell more and it can get more customers using the app as well. Apps cater to multiple purposes furthering the prospects of a retailer.

Fighting Working Mommy Guilt? Parental Control Apps can Make a Difference!

Working moms have it tough! They have to balance work and home and above all, give quality time to their children. They have a huge bundle of responsibilities which can be pretty burdensome for them to cope up with. Balancing is not easy and therefore some working mothers feel guilty for not doing enough for their children. Helping with their homework, raising them well, knowing about their issues and helping them out of teen problems is not an easy task.

This all can become a mess if not managed well and mothers can have these issues getting out of hands. In all of this chaos, parental control apps can be the smartest choice for a healthy balance and to take care of your motherly responsibilities well.

Guilt of working moms

Coping up with work and kids is no easy job. World is becoming a more challenging place where we have to multitask every day. These difficulties to deal with a lot of stuff could lead the moms to awful guilt because at times, they have to leave the kids home even if they are sick, miss out on their important days and have to stay late at office. I have been discussing this matter with the working moms and almost all of them were worried about how their kids will make it in this competitive world.

Let me share an Infographic by Meditec showing how toady’s working moms are dealing with their work and life.

Such a burden is likely to stress out moms and at the same time kids can also feel lonely and feeling that their moms didn’t do enough for them. Some children can even feel tempted to try drugs and do dangerous stuff only because their mothers are not around watching over them. It becomes even more difficult if you are parenting teens because letting them do whatever they wish could be disastrous.

Did you know that:

  • About 51% of the working moms feel guilty about not giving sufficient time to their kids.
  • 40% of mothers are the sole earning hands for the entire family.

Even if you are not a single mom, then too, parenting today’s generation is tough. We are losing our family values so drastically and are not able to give proper family time to our children.

But sometimes, there is very little option. In such scenario, you can adopt digital parental controls and stay connected with your children and family.

Why digital parenting?

Digital parenting styles are in rage these days. We have to take steps to overcome the family gaps and it is possible by paying ample time to our kids. But today when many moms have to go out and work to earn a living, the only possible and feasible option is the parental apps because staying with kids all the time is possible virtually. For virtual parenting, FamilyTime could be a suitable option. Read on the features to know how FamilyTime can help working parents:

  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor Internet activities
  • Keep checks on mobile activities including call logs and contacts
  • Monitor all apps installed on your child’s phones
  • Block suspicious apps
  • Geo-fence dangerous places and receive alerts

So with parental apps, parents can stay in touch with their kids even from the office. If you are a working mom, you can easily check on your children through your own smartphone. You can check if they’re reached school in time, have they reached home after school or sneaked to somewhere, instead. Apps like FamilyTime make it easier because they have mobile app version for their online control panel. FamilyTime has an app for parents called FamilyTime – Dashboard. If you’re stuck in a ling meeting but want to check on your children you can do so easily. FamilyTime – Dashboard is free and can be downloaded from:

Link up with your kids, stay relaxed!

If you are finding it hard to concentrate on your work and at the same time don’t want to ignore your kids; use parental control apps. Say good bye to all the mommy guilt piling up lately and stay in the loop digitally. So become a super mom and make a smile!

5 iPhone Apps that Make Your Life Easier

Over the years, the apps market has witnessed a rapid rise in terms of inventors, users and general popularity. Aided by the indispensability of the internet in present times along with the percolation of mobile phones to the most inaccessible geographical and social areas, there is a frenzied attempt to create innovative apps with every passing second. Most apps, are designed to add to the convenience of the user in various ways. With so many of them doing the rounds, especially as variants of similar functions, it becomes hard to make the right choice.

Apple has its own app store called iTunes, which not only provides most apps supported by Android or Windows but also comprises some others, which are uniquely ‘Apple’. This allows it to maintain the niche branding that is its foundational milestone in terms of customer loyalty and unprecedented technological success. Here are some iPhone apps that make life a lot more easier:


This app is perhaps the simplest and the most efficient of all when it comes to everyday life. It is a ‘to-do and reminders’ app that is well-detailed and allows one to manage their schedule more efficiently. Its user-friendly gesture-based design, and intuitive layout makes it very convenient to use. It remembers all the pending tasks and sends timely notifications and reminders when the task is due. One can also customize their lists with various themes and colors to add a personal touch. Moreover, it can be synced via iCloud so that all the lists are accessible anywhere and everywhere.

Clear app

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a weather app that is as utilitarian as it is aesthetically pleasing. With one of the most captivating weather graphics, it is very nuanced in it notifications. It provides accurate information about weather conditions at least an hour before, using GPS technology, along with routine forecasts for the following day or week. Its technologically advanced animation displays the authentic paths of storms, rains etc. Moreover, it notifies the person about impending weather conditions without the user having to open the app to check.

Dark Sky app

Find My Car

This app solves the problem for those who tend to forget where they had parked their car. It uses GPS tracking to ensure that one never forgets where the car has been parked. When parking the car, one needs to save the car position on the map. One can also take a picture and add a short description so that locating the spot becomes easier. To find the car, users need to open the map and locate their last position. Not only will the app keep updating the remaining distance in real time, but will also provide you with the shortest possible route to your car.

Find My Car app


Retrica is, perhaps, one of the most extensively used iPhone apps that exploits one of the most common activities that people undertake with a phone—taking photos. With its endless filters, it ensures that the photos taken are editable with endless options. Its live filters allow you to preview your photos before you click, which is a convenient option. It has more than a 100 filters­—more than enough option to play around with your pictures. The collage feature behaves like a mini photo-booth in which consecutive photos in various filters can be taken with a set time interval.

Retrica app

White Noise Lite

This app is extremely convenient for a prevalent phenomenon that is taking over urban, fast-paced lives—insomnia. It features ambient sounds of nature, which can be relaxing during the day and can put you to sleep during the night. It is especially great for taking power naps in chaotic, noisy locations, or to soothe crying infants. It calms the mind, reduces stress and can help with headaches. It blocks unwanted noises and put you to an uninterrupted. The app has a vast database of sounds that can be chosen according to one’s personal preferences.

White Noise Lite app